Professional Duracoat™ Training Manikin Packs

TPAK700 -- 3 ages in one - 7 pack

Introducing the portable, affordable CPR manikins that will actually make your training easier. Designed to meet the American Heart Association criteria for desirable manikin features, CPR Prompt Professional Training Manikins help students learn proper techniques quickly, with built-in feedback mechanisms and easy to find anatomical markings. Plus, the
Duracoat™ vinyl seal on the commercial grade foam cleans quickly and has been tested to last for years. Quick and easy to assemble, by you or your students, the manikin heads are dishwasher safe. Each lightweight Training Pack comes with the designated number of manikins, replacement lung bags, and a rugged carry case.

Meet AHA desirable manikin features


And, the thorough design and quality, combined with an affordable price, finally helps achieve
the goal of one manikin per student.

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                   Professional Duracoat™ Training Manikin Packs

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