If your baby choked, would you know what to do?..........

In the last hour, 120 Americans had heart attacks. 40 of them didn't make it to the hospital..........

One person CPR for children, how many chest compressions and rescue breaths in one cycle?...........

CPR PROMPTTM Home Learning System

Just $59.99

If your loved one's heart or breathing stopped, would you know what to do? Now it's easy to learn CPR and choking first aid in your own home, at your own pace. The CPR Prompt Home Learning System is the first to combine two practice manikins (an adult/child and an infant), a video course and learning guide -- all the tools needed for the entire family to learn and practice lifesaving skills. Approved by the American Heart Association, the video course provides easy-to-follow instructions for all age groups (adult, child and infant) and all key rescue procedures -- and the manikins feature built-in feedback to let you know that you have mastered each lifesaving skill. Click here to see more detail ...

Both CPR Prompt and the Home Learning System

are licensed products of the AHA

CPR PROMPTTM Rescue & Practice Aid

Just $99.99


If you have learned CPR, do you remember it? Now it's easy to remember lifesaving skills and feel confident even in the stress of an emergency with CPR Prompt. This portable voiceprompter talks a person familiar with CPR through the steps in an emergency ... or as a convenient refresher. The calm voice provides guidance for all age groups (adult, child and infant) and all key rescue procedures. Like having your own CPR coach at your side, it even keeps count of chest compressions and rescue breaths with commands like "tilt head, lift chin, pinch nose, blow, blow" and "press, press."


Professional DuracoatTM Training Manikin Packs

Information regarding the following Professional Programs will be available soon!


For Occupational Health & Safety Experts

For Pediatricians

For Hospitals

For CPR Instructors


CPR Prompt® Introduces Low-Cost AED/CPR Trainer!


CPR Prompt, the company working together with the American Heart Association on new CPR learning and practice products, introduces a new low-cost AED/CPR trainer.


PRICE: $249.95

Allow easy hands-on practice for AED use ... plus provides added benefit of optional voiceprompts for CPR refreshing.

Incorporates latest training protocols -- all in one product.



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